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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pasta natural and healthy?
Pasta is a natural and healthy food made from 100% durum wheat without any additives. According to the Turkish Food Codex, no unnatural additive can be added to pasta.

How is the colored pasta produced?
The coloring agents that give pasta colored its color are completely natural, and any such coloring agent is actually the specific color of another food. Such as tomato pasta being red, spinach pasta being green, egged pasta being yellow and bran pasta being brown…

Does pasta make one fat?
Pasta is a natural food with low glycemic index that does not make one fat when consumed normally, and it provides energy for the children of school age and athletes for a long time. Pasta is an indispensable for the dieters as it makes one feel full when consumed with abundant vegetables.

For which age group is the pasta ideal?
Pasta is a food for all ages, and it is harmful for celiac and phenylketonuria patients only as it contains gluten.

What is the meaning of the fork glass logo on the pasta packing?
The meaning of the fork glass logo is that the materials in direct contact with the food are food grade materials. It symbolizes that the packing used in pasta packaging is produced by the firms supervised by the relevant ministries and that they are healthy.