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About Us


With our well-known brand in Turkey expanding globally, be the healthy eating partner of our consumers while supporting sustainable agriculture.


We exist to lead the transformation that will bring good & healthy food to everyone.

The foundations of Tat Gıda were laid in Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa by Vehbi Koç on June 22, 1967, under the name “Tat Konserve” to process tomato products. Tat Gıda has grown with its Karacabey, Bursa and Torbalı, İzmir factories and has exported continually since the day it opened, becoming a leading company in the industry.

A Koç Holding subsidiary, Tat Gıda A.Ş., with its Tat brand, is one of the largest food companies in Turkey. Our technologically advanced factories in three locations meet the high demand for tomato products in Turkey and abroad.

Tat Gıda’s strong position stems from its world-class production infrastructure, trust-based cooperation between industrialist and producer, the devoted contribution of Turkish farmers, and a consumer- oriented, innovative company culture. Tat is the leading brand of tomato paste, tomato by-products, canned food and ketchup and always delivers quality, delicious, natural products to its consumers. Developing and improving tomato agriculture since 1967, it works to realize its vision of making the Turkish canned food industry competitive on the global market.

Tat has engaged in contract farming, training and developing its farmers since the day it was founded, with its expert agricultural team of engineers and technicians providing seedling and fertilizer support so the farmer can produce the highest quality tomatoes as required for tomato paste production. What sets us apart and gives us our greatest strength in the industry is the contracted tomato farming launched by the late Mr. Vehbi Koç. Today, we have over 1000 farmers, 600 of whom are contracted. Exports occupy a significant place among Tat Gıda’s sustainable and profitable growth targets. Today, Turkey’s market leading brand Tat is the first that comes to mind for tomato products, tomato paste, ketchup and canned food.

Tat exports to 37 countries, from the USA to Japan, offering products that meet the expectations of its consumers in foreign markets. In addition to our exports to these countries, we are working resolutely to penetrate new markets, taking our 50-year adventure of producing quality, healthy and delicious products for Turkish and world cuisines one step further. In a rapidly changing business environment, Tat Gıda takes a leading role, growing with its innovative product range, production capacity and technological investments. The company aims to further strengthen its position in Turkey, and especially in foreign markets, increase its sales volume, develop healthy, nature-friendly products in line with consumer expectations, and achieve profitable, sustainable growth in the future.