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Ethical Approach

Tat Gıda pays maximum attention to the issue of human rights and employee rights, ensures that its approaches and practices are monitored by internal and external audit organizations on this issue, and constantly checks its performance in this area with sustainability reports. Since the sustainability of the business depends on qualified and experienced employees who will carry the Company into the future, it is one of our most important responsibilities to provide our employees with a development-oriented working environment in which they will feel happy and productive.

While fulfilling these responsibilities, our primary approach is to be focused on respect for basic human rights and continuous improvement. Our code of ethical attitude has been shared with all employees within the framework of the same accuracy and compliance with the personnel regulations.

The functioning and healthy implementation of the ethical rules are carried out within the Company through the Ethics Committee, which consists of the General Manager, the Assistant General Manager related to the issue, the Human Resources Director, the Legal Counsel and the Industrial Relations Manager.

Declaration of Equality at Work

Our company complies with the Declaration of Equality in Business, the most comprehensive initiative signed to which it is affiliated, in 2013, with the aim of reducing gender inequality, and continues to develop new applications in order to realize the commitments contained in the declaration.

Equality in Business

January 15, 2013, of which our company is also a member, signed the “Declaration on Equality in Work” prepared by the Equality in Work Platform, the most comprehensive initiative created with the aim of reducing gender inequality under the leadership of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Family and Social Policies and in cooperation with the World Economic Forum.

Accordingly, as the Community providing the highest number of women’s employment in Turkey, we contribute to the dissemination of these principles throughout our country by complying with the following principles aimed at eliminating gender-based discrimination.

Principles of Equality at Work

  • We treat all our employees with the basic principle of equality.
  • We ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees regardless of the gender difference
  • We specifically support women’s participation in the workforce.
  • We define the criteria for equal opportunities between men and women in all our Human Resources policies.
  • We act with an equal pay policy for equal work.
  • We establish the required mechanisms for all our employees to benefit from career opportunities on an equal level.
  • We take care to maintain the work-family life balance in our working environment and applications.