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Ethical Line

As Tat Gıda, we manage our relations with all stakeholders with an approach based on the values of truthfulness, honesty, responsibility, trust and respect, and we act in accordance with our Compliance Policies, especially our Ethical Principles, in all of our processes.

You can inform the Koç Group Ethics Hotline about the issues that you think do not comply with our Ethical Principles and Compliance Policies or that you want to provide information so that we can take measures by identifying the risks that we may encounter.

Koç Group Ethics Line

Call Number:

0850 577 19 26

0850 220 38 45

If you wish you can send your notifications on Etik Hat anonymously or by sharing your identity. Don’t forget, you will not face any negative attitude for reporting at Tat Gıda.

Important Note

Consumer complaints about Tat Gıda products are not evaluated within the scope of the Ethical Line. You can send your notifications about Tat Gıda products by using the Contact Form.