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We Are Expanding Our Ready Meals Portfolio With “Tat Ready Plates” Product Family

Offering healthy, delicious and reliable products to millions of kitchens that it has entered every day for half a century; Tat Gıda, which carefully prepares its products with advanced technology, the highest level of food safety and quality standards, has added another ring to its innovations, taking into account the consumers’ increasing search for speed, practicality and healthy food. Tat Gıda, the trust brand of Turkey, aims to expand the ready-to-eat food category, in which it is the leader with its “Open-Eat” canned products, with “Tat Ready Plate”. While making life easier with its products that can be safely consumed in kitchens, Tat’s “Ready Plate” product family offers new tastes to its consumers. consists of traditional tastes from Turkish cuisine and ready-to-eat Bowl products, which are the first in Turkey.