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It is the main purpose of our wage system to determine the total income of our employees according to competitive, fair and corporate policies in terms of the current wage market.

In Tat Gıda:

• The compensation policies of office employees are determined based on the KF Job Evaluation System based on the content of the job and the size of the job. However, implementing a wage system that will motivate the employee by separating and rewarding performance is also taken into account. Additionally, individual wages are evaluated and reviewed in accordance with performance results, wage research, economic indicators, the company’s ability to pay and internal balance. The company reviews its wage and benefit process strategies every year, taking into account various wage research results.

• The wages and wage increases of field employees are determined and implemented within the scope of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that is signed between the Company and the Tekgida- Business Trade Union.

To Our Employees;

• A total of 16 salaries, including 12 salaries per year + 4 salary bonuses,

• Triple Social Assistance Package (allowance for annual leave, holiday allowance for religious holidays, monthly fuel allowance),

• Bonuses are offered to employees at certain levels, positions and jobs.